Elizabeth is empathetic, passionate, generous, knowledgeable and kind - hilarious, too. She has guided me through my darkest days. I am grateful to have Elizabeth in my life.
— Chemi L., Hillsborough CA
Elizabeth has a heart of gold and uses all that love in her heart to push you to be your very best self. She guides you and directs you with profound love, wisdom and the right amount of encouragement. She knows when you need to be pushed and knows when you need to be comforted. Her intuition is incredible. The guidance she provides with her 52 helpers is spot on in every circumstance and my favorite part of Elizabeth is that she doesn’t just talk the talk. This woman walks the walk and does her work right along side you. I feel so blessed to count Elizabeth as one of my most trusted spiritual advisors.
— Erin G., San Carolos CA ~ Author of Angel Birthdays
Elizabeth is just amazing!!!!
Her positive energy just lights up the room!!!
Her energy is contagious and you can’t help but just absorb her energy!!!
What I want you to know about Elizabeth is that she is an incredible guide! She will guide you through whatever is going on now or in the past. She will guide you so that you can acknowledge and then release what is not serving you!!

After spending time with Elizabeth I feel so centered and just glide.
— Todd C., Santa Rosa CA
Ten years ago my physical, emotional and spiritual health was at an all-time low. I felt stuck and trapped in my body and life, then I met Elizabeth.
Elizabeth has both a grounded knowledge of physical conditions but an intuitive gift to hone in on what I need at the moment. Her enthusiasm and genuine ability to instill confidence in me and my healing path have supported me through weight loss, divorce and major surgery, and that’s only half the story.
A session with Elizabeth not only brings great comfort, she is also a talented teacher. I have learned, and continue to learn that it is safe to trust myself and my own guidance. Her natural curiosity is infectious and she has a unique way of engaging us in the process of our own becoming.
There are many healing practitioners but there is only one Elizabeth, she is a joy to the world.
— Julie S,, Santa Rosa CA

Elizabeth has been a pivotal influence assisting me with my life journey. For many years now, she has demonstrated a keen sense energy interpretation and an awareness of things to come as well as a insight into this precise moment.
Over our journey together, which still continues, her techniques, talents and mastery over many interpretations has really blown my mind in a most memorable, positive, and reaffirming way.
It’s always a joyful adventure working with Elizabeth. She is a very warm, friendly and her collaborative skills are excellent. Working with her, the truth became quite evident and the path was made clearer thru acknowledgement, interpretation and reaffirming what I already knew, or forgot or was willing to explore.
I am honored to share this insight with you and encourage to explore your life journey with the help and understanding of the gift of Elizabeth. In my circle of friends family and associates, my word/actions have earned me the reputation of one who is compassionate, respectful and admired. This is, in part, due to my association with her.
You will find out more about yourself and embrace the journey as it unfolds. Elizabeth has the precious way of guiding and assisting as you move thru that enfoldment of life journey - present, past or future. Whatever you choose, enjoy the ride with eyes wide open and a joyful heart.
— Adriane L., Novato CA
Elizabeth has been a blessing she has helped me realize that we are the drivers of our car called “Life”. She helps you see within yourself to know that we are perfect and that those little bumps in the road where just that, bumps. You go over them and move on. Elizabeth has been instrumental in helping me realize that sometimes what we thought were hills in the road were only bumps.
— Martha P., San Mateo CA
Elizabeth is a force of nature. When it comes to mystical wisdom, this woman knows her stuff. The tools she uses are mind-blowing in their accuracy and her intuition is stellar, bordering on freaky! When I need comfort and clarity, Elizabeth helps me find the underlying root causes of my struggles and ways to shift into new territory—always with humor and excitement. A session with her is an adventure, delivering plenty of “a-ha” moments and magical connections. I’m so grateful to have Elizabeth in my life as a source of truth, support and transformational fire. She is a gift.
— Nyla A., Menlo Park CA

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