I have been utilizing both ancient and modern modalities to assist people in living lives they love for 35 years.  I have a world-wide clientele and my practice is based in Northern California. 

I take pride in taking really big concepts and teachings, and making them easy for you to understand and utilize in every day life. I am very well practiced and achieved at creating prosperity and abundance in my life, and in helping you do the same. 

I love sharing all of the things I have studied so diligently for so long, with all of my clients. 

People call me the answer lady, and what I really do is guide you to the real answers already in your heart. 

Personally, I always want to know "why?!" That is what I aim to assist you in doing and understanding. 

How do I do that?! 

  • Aura-Soma - color consultations
  • 52 Helpers Cards - readings
  • Prosperity Master Mind Coaching - live the life of your dreams
  • Classes

This combined with intuition, compassion and common sense allows me to assist you in powerfully living a life you love.